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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Got a Feature Suggestion for Gmail? Google Wants to Know

Google is looking for feature suggestions for Gmail. Right now, here are the choices:
Customize my Gmail color scheme
Create my own keyboard shortcuts
Automatically email my new Gmail address to all of my contacts
Always display external images sent by my contacts

Filter my outgoing messages
Switch Conversation View on or off

Bells & Whistles
Delete attachments from a message
Import messages from my other email accounts
Automatically apply new filters to old conversations

Helpful Additions
Ability to add or remove messages from conversations
Click a button to delete a message
Control whether people I send mail to are added to Contacts
You can pick 5 of these, or suggest a better idea. It looks like they take suggestions seriously with about 10 suggestions having already been implemented.

(via CyberNet News)


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Reader Comments:

Requested feature: a link to go to the 'create filter' section from the reading pane of an e-mail message inserting that persons e-mail address and/or name into the fields automatically.

Yes would like to tag a message sent or received to be followed up at some later point in time.

Also the ability to send an email at a certain time.

I think there should be an icon next to the thread in the inbox to show whether or not you have already replied to the email.

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