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Monday, October 16, 2006

How to Send Anonymous Emails

Most of the time, it isn't necessary to send untraceable, anonymous emails. You probably spend more time worrying about fighting spam in your inbox, but sometimes it's useful for educational or training purposes to send an anonymous email. You might be trying to hone your skills at tracking down spammers that have filled your inbox with prescription drug offers or phishing scams, or just want to test it out.

eRightSoft has a freeware program called S.Y.M.P.A that acts as an SMTP client to allow the sending of anonymous emails. It loads up a proxy website on startup with a list of proxies to choose from.

If you want to try sending an untraceable email, choose one of the proxies labeled anonymous and test it by sending an email to yourself. Then check the message header to see if the IP address listed is the one you've been assigned. You can check your IP here. If you don't recognize the IP in the header, then you've probably found a reliable anonymous proxy.

Some other features it has:
  • Send totally Anonymous E-Mails. (Through Tunnel Proxy)
  • Send SMS messages via E-Mail. (Depending on your area phone service provider)
  • Chat with friends in private and public mode.
  • Built in web browser for easier and lighter use of PC resources when a quick surf is needed.
  • Check, convert to decimal and resolve IPv4 to addresses or vice versa.
  • Register / UnRegister DirectShow Filters installed on your PC
  • Download S.Y.M.P.A


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