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Monday, October 16, 2006

YouTube Gaming: How to Get Your Video to the Top of the Charts

Pete Cashmere at Mashable! has a great blog about gaming YouTube. How do you get your video to the frontpage of YouTube? Simple: set your browser to refresh your video's page overnight and wake up to see your clip on the frontpage of YouTube. More fun commentary:
There are a plenty of top users who are obviously employing this tactic: did this guy become one of the most viewed videos today because his four second clip about North Korea is so compelling? (Update: that video is no longer showing up in the Most Viewed list, but he’s trying the same tactic with this one). This is the same guy who garnered almost 200,000 views for WoW is Evil - a four second clip in which nothing happens. If you look at his account, he’s watched 299,221 videos this year - about 68 videos an hour if you assume a 12 hour day and 7 days a week spent on YouTube. That’s possible, but it’s far more likely that he forgot to log out of his account on one occasion. What’s more worrying is that enough people complained in the comments to make the video rise to the top of the “Most Discussed” list, too.
Obviously, IP logging would mostly prevent this sort of YouTube gaming. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets implemented within a few days.


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