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Monday, October 16, 2006

Stalk Amazon Price Changes

Matt over at FantasyLife recommends RSStalker (yes, it's RSS Stalker less an "S") to anyone looking to track the price changes of a product at Amazon. It's very simple to use. Just enter the ASIN, ISBN (for books), or even URL of the product you want to track, and RSStalker will generate an RSS feed for you to subscribe to. Any time the price changes, you'll be notified. You can also track wishlists and categories.

One additional feature I'd like to see would be an option to set the level of price change (say, notify me when the price drops 25% or more), but that would ruin the simplicity of the user interface. Maybe an advanced options tab on the side.


On a side note, RSStalker would be such a good name for an RSS aggregator. It seems a little wasted on tracking Amazon products.


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