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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Create Cool Photomosaics with Flickr Photos

The image above looks like a picture of the Olsen twins, but it's actually composed of hundreds of smaller images taken from Flickr. Those smaller images are tiled carefully to replicate the original image's colors and edges.

This complex photomosaic was created using the Image Mosaic Generator, a very neat tool that takes any image you feed it, and transforms it into a photomosaic made out of Flickr photos. JPEG, GIF, and PNG files are accepted. From some tests, it looks like pictures with a lot of white space don't translate too well to mosaic form, but maybe I'm a little too close to the monitor.

For best effect, stand a few feet away from the monitor when you look at the finished product.

Image Mosaic Generator

(via Digital Inspiration)


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