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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Can you be scared to death?

People say they're scared to death all the time, but is it just a phrase or something that can actually happen? MSN Health and Fitness looks into it:
According to Dr. Adolph M. Hutter Jr., professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, “Otherwise healthy people can be scared to death. This has been documented after earthquakes and also following emotional distress of an extreme degree [such as learning of the sudden death of a loved one]. An event like this can have two immediate effects on the heart: It can cause a weakening of the heart, so a patient might develop heart failure; or it can cause an arrhythmia, which can cause sudden death.”
However, that doesn't mean you should avoid the four-year-old in the Caspar costume unless you have an underlying heart condition. The article also explores other Halloween-themed myths from the effect of the moon on your personality to frogs causing warts.

Can You Be Scared to Death?


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