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Monday, October 30, 2006

Open University: Great Resources for the Beginning Internet User

Not the usual fare of this blog, but I thought it might be useful for anyone looking for basic Internet usage tips either for themselves or for friends or relatives that are new to web browsing.

The UK's Open University has several comprehensive guides to all aspects of web browsing. I highly recommend it to anyone who's new to the Internet and wants a high-quality resource to learn more about it.

Living with the Internet: Online Shopping: Primarily focuses on eBay and Amazon, security tips.

How to Search for Information: Using search engines, quality/quantity issues, browsing

Living with the internet: keeping it safe: Antivirus software, firewalls, keeping children safe, email attachments, spam (Excellent resource)

Reliability of Web Resources

The following resources aren't as practical, but they might be interesting to look at.

How does the Internet work?: Information on how data is passed from one device to another

Comparison of Digital and Analog Worlds

More advanced material:

Software Development for Enterprise Software: object-oriented programming, modeling, reusability


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