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Friday, October 13, 2006

Broadcast Clipboard and Ditto: Two Neat Tools to Do More With Your Clips

I wrote an earlier post about how the contents on your Clipboard may be visible when you use Internet Explorer to browse the web. If that happens to be exactly what you want, An App a Day has coded a neat program called Broadcast Clipboard that allows users to copy text on one PC and paste it on another. While it's might be easy to just email the text to yourself, this bypasses the extra step of logging into your email account.

Ditto is another useful clipboard extender that records what you copy into the Clipboard so you can retrieve it later. It can handle text, images, and formatted text. It can also send copied data to other computers like Broadcast Clipboard. Ditto is very helpful when I accidentally copy over a previous selection, and I can't find or remember where I copied it from.

Microsoft also has a tutorial on setting up a remote Windows clipboard, but it's a lot more complicated.

More Clipboard software

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