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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Free Music Downloads with Microsoft SearchPerks

Microsoft's Live Search SearchPerks! program lets you earn free music downloads by using the Live.com or MSN.com search engine. You need to download a toolbar called a Perk Counter, which keeps track of your daily searches, which are used to earn tickets that can be redeemed for songs. The program is only open until the end of the year and runs through April 15, 2009.

If you sign up now, you get a bonus of 500 tickets to start off. You can earn up to 25 tickets every day. One search equals one ticket. Also, you can only participate if you use Internet Explorer.

Instructions to Get Free Music Downloads

1. To get your free music downloads, you will need to first download the Perk Counter. Go to the SearchPerks site and sign in with your Windows Live ID to access the download.

2. Restart IE, and you should see a new toolbar listing your total ticket number at 500. Every time you do a search on Live.com, the number should go up by one.

perk counter

3. Since you can get 25 tickets a day, you can reach the 525 ticket mark in one day and redeem the tickets for your songs. You can get 5 songs for 525 tickets, or one song for every 105 tickets. Songs are in WMA format and encoded at 192Kbps.

free music downloads

4. After the program ends on April 15, you will get instructions by email on how to redeem the tickets. A serial number and pin will be sent to you that you can use to redeem the music downloads.

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