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Monday, December 08, 2008

Catherine Hardwicke Fired from Twilight Sequel New Moon

Catherine Hardwicke won't return to direct the sequel to "Twilight." Although the film has grossed $160 million since it was released, Hardwicke is being replaced because the film's movie studio Summit Entertainment wants to fast-track the release of "New Moon" to capitalize on the franchise's success. The sequel is scheduled for a debut near the end of 2009 or early 2010, but Hardwicke's proposed preparation time would have delayed it several months.

Adding a twist, Hardwicke is currently touring Europe with the Twilight cast for the movie's release there.

Since Hardwicke originally planned to start filming in five months time, the new director will presumably start shooting earlier, and the role of Jacob, the new werewolf character, will likely soon be announced. Jacob will join Robert Pattinson's Edward in wooing Kristen Stewart's Bella.

New Moon may be produced back-to-back with the third novel in the series, Eclipse, in order to contain costs much like The Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot.

new moon
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