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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sarah Symonds is Gordon Ramsay's Mistress

Sarah Symonds is Gordon Ramsay's mistress. The 38-year-old self-described professional mistress met the married celebrity chef at Chinawhite, a London nightclub, in 2001 and began their affair. During their intermittent relationship, she kept detailed records of their relationship, including text messages, emails, and phone calls and recorded every encounter in a diary.

As a last-ditch effort to become famous, last week, Sarah Symonds, who wrote a handbook "Having an Affair?" , invited photographers to document her meeting with the "Hell's Kitchen" star at the Marriott hotel next to Grosvenor Square. He was photographed entering the hotel room at 8 p.m., despite his protestations denying the affair even going so far as to say "I didn't do it!" on air in front of his mother.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the highest-paid chefs in the world, worth an estimated $150 million. He is married to wife, Tana Ramsay, and has four children. He is best known for swearing in the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay on 60 Minutes

Sarah Symonds Photos

Sarah J. Symonds

Sarah J. Symonds

Sarah Symonds with Friend

Sarah Symonds with Friend

Sarah Symonds at Wedding

Sarah Symonds at Wedding

Gordon Ramsay with Wife Tana

Gordon Ramsay with Wife Tana

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Reader Comments:

I would love to read her diary when she decides to publish it. That would make some great bedtime reading material.

Gordon Ramsay is a narcisst. I've watched Hell's Kitchen a few times and the guy has no personality. He's like a bland dish.

I have to say that Tana Ramsay is one smart girl for sticking it through, because now she owns him. Gordon's owned and he knows it. If they ever get a divorce, Gordon is screwed.

If I were Tana, I wouldn't have cancelled the whole Christmas vacation at the Le Touessrok resort in Mauritius . I would have partied it up and left him with the kids as payback.

Bland dish? Gordon Ramsey? His face looks like a sun dried tomato.

OK. So, Ramsay has really bad taste in women. Why go after a 38 year old? I mean, his wife is 33 years old? That's really messed up.

There's nothing like a scandal to boost Hell's Kitchens ratings. Personally, I don't watch the show anymore because it is so boring I can't stand it. Gordon Ramsay is no Iron Chef. He may want to be, but he is no Iron Chef. I rest my case

Maybe we should leave her alone. She also had an affair with Jeffrey Archer. She's suffered enough.

Jeffrey Archer, yet another scorge the Lord brought upon us on earth.

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