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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Natalie Dylan Virgin Auction Photos

Natalie Dylan is selling her virginity online. Intriguingly, the 22-year-old San Diego woman, who already holds a B.S. in women's studies, plans to finance her graduate school education in marriage and family therapy from the proceeds of the virginity auction. To prove her chastity, she will undergo a gynecological exam as well as a lie detector test.

Surprisingly, Natalie Dylan is entering into a not uncommon online marketplace. For instance, in 2007, 18-year-old Carys Copestake tried to sell her virginity for £10,000. In 2004, 18-year-old Rosie Reid, a lesbian student at Bristol University, auctioned hers off for £8,400. Oddly, British women are very over-represented although there are many other cases in other countries, including men who have sold their services online. Asked about her decision and doubters, Dylan replied, "We live in a capitalist society. Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?"

To consummate the deal, Natalie Dylan will meet the winner at the infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel, which is holding the auction, in Nevada where her sister works. She is apparently looking for a $1 million dollar bid, which may be highly optimistic given the prices that past auctions have closed at, but the amount of press she is getting, including an appearance with Howard Stearn, won't hurt.

Natalie Dylan Virgin Auction Photos

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan in Provocative Pose

Natalie Dylan in Provocative Pose

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Reader Comments:

I found Natalie Dylan NUDE Video at

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Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy!!!

Can't be leave that any women or man would give up something that is for a spacial moment with spacial person just for money. Its really sad.

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Can't really understand why this crap woman think her virginity worth $1 mil? won't even pay $1000 for this.. sigh!

I guess she's getting her 15 minutes of fame. Good luck with getting a job in counseling with that kind of reputation. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a reality show...about a smart urban woman that had sex for the 1st time in a brothel to get educated...OK!? Thanks for making your story public, I'm sure it will make you more money ..WHORE!

All of these POSTS are just stupid. WTF do you care what she does with her virginity? What are the percentages of women who lose there virginity all drunk at some post football game party in high school. Even the "good" girls won't get past the first semester of college without waking up next to some random guy. All of you assholes sound green with envy. Dumbasses. Let the girl be. She's gonna pay for school and move on.

bitches are goin f**kin nuts... but i dont think its a bad idea. i give this amazing rod out to random bitches for free so i mean if i could offer my penis 4 about 10bucks a pop.. i def would! i wouldnt pay this bitch any money though. shes nothing shy of any bitch i see drunk at a bar or club. and virgins are over rated. is she gonna let me beat it up, or just lay there complainin, sayin to slow down like every other virgin that i banged. ehh ither way its a SHAM!! shes no virgin. i give her 5 bucks to suck it and swallow.... STEL 103. the original el barrio stick up kid

this skunt is weeeeeek! as if any young woman's virginity can compare to the skills of a real woman like a call girl.

whomever pays for this is doing it, himself, for publicity...and the extra $$$ the resulting story will reap!!!

everyone involved is a ho! think about it!!!! she's a whore BEFORE she loses her virginity!!!!

everyone involved should be required to have a huge L tattood on their pathetic foreheads!

There's more to the story than just that. The young lady has her own website (at the brothel), and is working on a number of deals at once, it seems. You can read more about it at:


(and skip the 'nude video'...it's just spam)

This is pretty interesting, how the hell do you stay a virgin in diego anyways? Thats 24/7 party right there. I've taken 3 cherries for free and honestly, to hear them scream and bleed is'nt worth a penny lol. I'de give her 2 grand max and thats if I could take her ass too hahaha.

its her own choice. Let her do what she wants. People should mind their own business.

if she is Virgin, i am more than a GOD :D

If the definition of virginity is defined only as the physical penetration of the vagina, this woman may qualify. Men prize virginity because it equates innocence and lack of experience with other men. On the other hand, a woman can preserve her hymen, and be far from innocent. Ask Monica Lewinski.I believe that virginity is more a state of mind than physical history. Based on that belief, this woman is not selling anything I want to buy.


Ya... not really that hot.... the right make-up, lighting and a fan to make her hair wave can make my girlfriend look better than that.

first of all, she doesn't look like a virgin anymore. if the winning bid finds out that she NOT a virgin, does he get his money back? and lastly, she's hoping to see $1 Million??? keep dreaming honey because you'll never see that kind of money.

"Can't be leave that any women or man would give up something that is for a spacial moment with spacial person just for money. Its really sad.

Check out this site!


Hey wingnut. Youd be taken more seriously if you could spell "special" right.

hahaha thats bullshit, hahaha that bich maybe is a virgin but come on i would never pay for sex i think i kinda stupid to work for months or years or wateva a fucken pay check just to fuck that bich, come on im like every other person i seriouslly dnt like to work but is 1 of the life things i have to do to survive n be happy.. n first of all at every jo everybody get screwed up by the boss, they dnt pay enough for our services n come on all that sacrifice i do day by day(work) to give it to sum random bitch that say that shes a virgin... fuck that men my girfriend looks way better than her n she never charge me money to fuck her n im happy n proud that i dnt have to pay shit to fuck a lady or a bitch like her.. ill keep looking for girls but ill try to get em in the good way so i can enjoy if i cant meke it with them to my bed..... fuck that bich that you have to pay for 30 minutes of blood in your dick.. wateva i can say more things but i dont care wat everybody thiks cuz every head is every own world n if u think is cool to pay is up to you is nt bad...

Where will u end up with this, Natalie?
"A Celebrity Whore"?

What a silly slut. I think everyone should contribute to a fund and win this auction. Then hire Mandingo, Lex Steele, or some other big, black, donkey-dicked pornstar to to get drunk and mercilessly piledrive that stupid bitch till she begs to give the money back and forget it.

A million bucks for that ?!!!! Wow the US dollar really is doing bad.


I doubt it. Maybe $500 with anal included.

after seeing this any place she works are gonna expect her to get on her hands and knees like the whore she'll be. she deserves to be degraded like the dumb bitch she is! :)

sorry natalie dylan for being stupid but seriously you have a college education...use it! sad to see you're a lazy bitch who can't pay off her own education.

just remember you'll always be a whore in everyone's eyes! LOL sadly enough we're all laughing at you...enjoy!

Well, I would say it's not necessary to use this way even though she doesn't have money to pay school expense. There are many ways to solve her problems anyway. Also, I think it's a kind of a wrong value to consider something. Hopefully, she'll stop it.


Good luck becoming a marriage counselor, seriously, if that isn't the definition of irony then what is. Her graduate program should do the right thing and disenroll her for bringing this kind of publicity to a university. My program would bounce her so fast it would make her head spin, in addition to the fact that we don't admit two-bit whores.

I bid 250,000 I'm clean and hot!!! She should take the cash,fuck and go the hell away.

I see all this hate mail, Natalie. I think it's just a bunch of ignorance and jealousy. They can't even spell believe. You are hot and powerful. You make me wish I had saved my virginity so I could auction it too, but then again I have something very special with my man and I would not trade it for anything. To hell with these people that say you are a whore or prostitute! What you are doing is taking charge of your life and it is empowering. Sure it may be a bit strange and unorthodox but it is wonderful at the same time. I hope you find some one who is good to you and I hope you reach your goal. I would say you're at least worth 1.7 because girl, you've got it!

Okay... This may not be a good idea to a lot of people (I personally don't condone this kind of thing) but it's not really anyone's business except Natalie and the people who bid. OBVIOUSLY she doesn't give a rat's left nut what you people think so... What's the point in making disgusting and/or offensive comments? College is HARD AS HELL to pay off and if this is how she wants to get her financial security and she's letting everyone know, then kudos to her for being so secure and sure of herself. Seriously, WTF do you care what she does with her virginity? None of your damn business. Don't like it, then just ignore it. Nosy dipshits. Keep going, Nat!

First off, I love how the first post is a spam link that most likely will give unsuspecting people a virus. Secondly, and more to the point, females in the USA so place way too much value on what is between their legs. I mean seriously, 1 million? That's over the top. Heck, the bunnies at the ranch charge about 2k/hour (based on the HBO show) and even that's insane to me. You can go to Holland and pay 50$. That's much more reasonable to me. Course, 1 Mill isn't much more than most rich guys pay for their trophy wives anyways.

Here's an oxymoron:

Virgin whore

Unbelievable! Do you believe that a 21 year-old American girl is still virgin? Old-fashionable! C. Rice may be virgin as well. If Natalie sells her virginity dozens thousands of dollars, Ms Rice will sell her virgin up to ten mil. Keep going and see. What stupid you are if you pay money for a whore! Shit! Some stupid guys have paid 325,000. Only America! Go to the hell you are, Natalie! Let's keep it for your boy friend.

Dumb Girl! Had to be ..... Looking for fame you got it but it's not the fame many want. Whore

what kind of message are you sending out to all the young girls out there? as a mother of a daughter i am frightened by the idea that she may come home one day and tell me she is going to "sell" her virginity, i am going to teach her that her body is not for sale,you can make your own terms without getting paid for it.....its prostitution, plain and simple, no need to sugar coat it honey.....you disgust em and i hope your family disown you

As I do see the benifit and goal of what Natalie is trying to do. I do have a few concerns......if she was so proud of this, why wouldn't she use her real name? If she can hold an auction for sex, how does that very from prostitution? As far as I can recall, it is illegeal to take money for sex. I will give her credit, it is an inventive way to some up with funds. I don't see how a guy would be able to pull this off.....lol. It just proves that she does have a brain and is thinking out of the box, and for that I commend her. On the other hand, I only have $20, my wife would take me for a ride, and all I have to get is flowers. So I guess in the grand scheme of things, all guys are pating for sex, they just use goods and services for it. IE: dinner movies, flowers, dates. It turns into a public debate when it is actually money involved.

Hmmmmm tell ya what I bid 574,500.00 what do I care its only 25.00 charge for a bad check

i think all the pathetic men who leave disgusting and innapropriate comments should shut up and keep them to themselves. noone wants to hear bout you popping girls cherries.. you think it's impressive? if anything i'd stay as far away from you sick loser freaks as i could.. no one cares bout ur derogatory bullshit. leave the poor girl alone.

If this bitch is a virgin, and not doing this just for publicity, then michael jackson isnt a pedophile and R.Kelly doesnt like to pee on lil girls!

seriously, all you stupid broads that keep sayin "yea you go girl" etc... you really need to slap yourself. I mean really. The girl is a whore, and there is NO way she is a virgin

its a scam you stupid fools, did you listen to her on the howard stern show. she knows more about the dark side then we all put together. her background is crazy too. her dads in jail, her moms ok with her doing it and her sister has done call girl services. so do you really think this isnt a stunt to make money?? its a scam and anyone who believes she is a virgin is a sucker for there scam. get real fools.....



isn't there better looking prostitutes out for less money..

all these 1st time hookers out there try'n 2 sell their virgin pussys could be lying, make them prove they are!! live inspections on t.v. maybe..


>> Even if she was a virgin & offered to let me deflower her most likely bush pig hairy so called virgin wana be hooker hole for free..

>> it still wouldn't be worth the petrol money :O)

p.s. dear unfortunate customers of virgin hookers > make sure "her swallowing" is in the contract +
'no condom' etc etc


This is sick, what happens when she makes money doing this? How many other girls are going to think this is acceptable. This is wrong and immoral, as far as I am concerned she is a whore, and has sold what ever soul she did have.

I would hope better for people. I would hope better for her, I am also sad for her, and that she sees this as acceptable.

- Remorse for lost souls

You go girl! Why not???????She is old enough & obviously smart enough. I bet a lot of people wish their first time was with someone who has been "checked out" and pay for all my bills for a long time. I think there is a lot of jealousy going on.

all u stupid people should just leave her alone.
ur just jealous that you didnt do the same.
and by the way last time i checked it was to about 1.5 million so fuck u all those people who r like "she wont get 50 bucks"

i actually think im going to do it too.

shit the guy that paid to fuck her is a moron and desperate for some pussy... she can get the dick for free hahahahahah dumb slut

check it out everyting420.com for more info on this.

First of all i have to say that takes a lot of courage, and really impresses me that a girl of her age is as grounded as she is.

I can understand how some people can think it's taboo,whorish,wrong,dirty...etc .

I can see it that way, we've all been taught what's right and wrong by someone else instead of making our own opinions..

I think people are jealous and angry at her for doing something that is an easy way to make money, when we all have to work for it, but i think it's noble, and intelligent. I'm shocked she was bold enough to sell her own virginity to the highest bidder...

As for it being taboo/wrong:

Arranged marriages worked the same way when you think about it. yeah it doesn't happen anymore, but it's a similar concept

Arranged Marriage: Parents sell off their virgin child to the highest bidder/best suitor.

Selling her virginity: Girl sells off her virginity to the highest bidder/best suitor.

Somehow arranged marriages were fine for a very long time... i dunno i don't see this as being a bad thing.

To Natalie:
-You go girl, the only people who disapprove are either envious or they are perverts,mothers of young children (who also have no faith in their kids it seems...), prudes, and men who think all women are objects/not worth the money/better for free etc. don't worry about it sweet. you'll get there, and get through college/university in no time...-

i think people need to ask themselves why they are reacting so strongly and with such anger to something this small.

She is worth $300-400 with Greek, BBBJ, DFK, and multiple pops included. Add $200 for the "virginity factor", which will probably make the experience suck anyway. You stupid whore.

sunflower, you look nasty, upload a new photo.

so shes a virgin thats prostituting herself... classy... for that much ATM better be included

ill take soom head for $5 kus imich

Sex for money sounds like a whore to me

this is bullshit, there's no fucking way she's a virgin

I don't think "smart" or "educated" factors in really. Some have left messages stating that she's grounded and educated enough to do this. Educated people make bad decisions also.

I am not saying that this is indeed a bad decision. Educated or less priveledged, we all have decisions and choices to make.

What really gets me with all of this, are those that say, "what about being a role model for young girls?" Do all of us really live each day just so someone can look at us and say, "I want to be like her/him." Not at all, i am simply content in living as best as i see fit for myself.

Many of us have seen and experienced some very unsavory things in our lives. That is the nature of living. We all have decisions to make and not everyone wants to be a role model or should feel obligated to consider how the young demographic will interpret our actions just because they are on a public stage.

Sex for money....sounds like a job to me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

you guys are haters. How are you going to tell someone what to do with their own virginity? She's beautiful, intelligent, and she's a real hustler. you can hate all you want but in the end, it doesn't matter because she got her money.

Ever heard of financial aid??? student loans?? hahahaha seriously....

V*Ron nd T*J :D

This girl is a fricken idiot if she thinks that she will get any job as a marriage and family counselor after doing something this stupid.
Obviously she has an unhealthy concept of her self-worth if she is willing to prostitute herself (it doesn't matter how sugar coated she makes it sound sex for money is prostitution)so who would want to be counseled by someone like that? I'm a Senior in college and a Psychology major and what she is doing is career suicide. Besides that I feel sorry for her. She obviously holds no value in her own self-worth if she is willing to auction-off a part of her to the highest bidder. The excuse that it is an issue of feminism and standing up for our sexuality is a red-herring...if she was worried about being viewed as a strong, successful, and empowered woman she wouldn't publicize her selling her virginity as if she's selling a couch on craig's list...And let's be honest...homegirl is no virgin...

hahahahaha... This is too funny... I LOVE it that she is doing what she is doing.. Everyone that is knocking her are probably the same people that are giving it up to just anyone. What is she supposed to do with her virginity in your opinion??? wait to give it up to someone she THINKS she is in love with so that they can turn around and leave her ass the next day.. Ohhh.. and trust me, they don't just leave you and that's it.. They leave you with a kid or an STD. If you ask me this is the smartest thing any girl has done. They are all tested for STD's, it will be protected, no "accidents" plus she will make enough money to finish her education to better herself. Why is what she is doing any different than what you are doing? I think it is empowering! She knows what she wants to do with her life and she has something that someone will pay a lot of money for so why not capitalize on that. Men do it all the time! Wake up women!! You gotta take care of yourself cause you definately can't count on no man taking care of you. It is about time someone played them!!

She aint that hot, Ive banged way hotter broads for free or at the cost of some drinks at the club. Ide give her 500 bucks for a donkey punch and some ass to mouth!!!

Look at her face in the first ficture. Her face is CAST WHITE compared to her tan body. ALL THAT MAKEUP!!

Not for me, dont much care for virgins.

with $3.8 million in the bank she wont need to become a marriage counsellor

but even if she still wanted to...she could easily get a job...counsellors are like doctors ppl they open their own offices nad build their own clientel

the only thing that would stop her from becoming licensed as a counsellor is a criminal record, which she wont have because what she is dong is legal in Nevada...so she could work in Nevada and would probably make a lot of money since the ranch has so many customers (most of whom are probably married and on the brink of divorce)

dont hate on the girl just cuz u never thought of it first

and she's no britant spears (b4 the meltdown) but shes still cute

It blows mind that any one would ever pay money to get down with a virgin. I don't even like having sex with virgins when it is offered to me free. I mean it's alright at first but once you have been with someone with experience you don't want to go back to some talentless hack.

Our society is fucked up.

Is education provided where you're from?

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