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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Client 6: Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor

The Spitzer scandal continues to unravel. The identity of "Client 6" a.k.a. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster has been uncovered.

The Duke of Westminster is the richest man in Britain worth 6.6 billion pounds, listed as the 46th richest person in the world by "Forbes." He has a history of frequenting prostitutes, reportedly "hiring four hookers over a six-week stretch in late 2006 and early last year."

His appointment with Emperor's Club VIP escort "Astrid" on January 12, 2008 was caught on tape. For his one hour appointment, he paid 500 pounds ($1000). Apparently, he was only willing to shell out for a 3 diamond model, who cost $1000 an hour. Emperor's Club models were rated from 3 to 7 diamonds.

"Astrid", an escort based in London, is described as:

Beautiful, unforgettable…Astrid. After a few years of successful experience in finance, Astrid turned to her true passion in life… fashion. Now, a celebrated fashion consultant, Astrid holds Masters degrees from one of France’s top universities. Golden hazel eyes illuminate her pretty face making her a delight to the eye. Such sophistication and beauty make Astrid your ideal date for any social function, leisure escape or private evening date. Meet Astrid once, and you’ll welcome her into your life forever.

Upon leaving her date, "Astrid" said "everything was fine", and "Client 6" reported that "she was very nice." However, he wanted another girl for next time.

Perhaps the Duke had similar predilections as Spitzer: a desire for unsafe sex. A previous fling, then 26-year-old Zana Brazdek a.k.a. "Shanna", describes his idea of bedside manner:

"I thought his conversation was quite boring," the Lithuanian woman told the newspaper. "He talked about the Army, going to Afghanistan and bin Laden. And he wanted unprotected sex. I refused."

Ironically, the Duke also mentioned:

"He told me that British soldiers were getting tested for sexual diseases every three months because they were sleeping with women all over the world."

As rich as he was, he wasn't above asking for a 500 pound discount for his rendezvous. When "Shanna" countered that she would call the Emperor's Club to discuss pricing, the Duke offered an extra 500 pounds for her silence.

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