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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupré Picture Gallery

"Kristen", Eliot Spitzer's a.k.a. "Client 9's" call girl date in Room 871 of the Mayflower Hotel, has been identified as Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a 22-year-old aspiring singer living in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. Scroll down for the picture gallery.

Dupré has also been know as Ashley R. Youmans, which she changed legally to Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro in 2006. If that sounds confusing, and a little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it is, because she has 4 names - if you count "Kristen."

"I know what my purpose is."

The FBI affidavit shows that "Kristen," a.k.a. Ashley Alexandra Dupré, charged $1000 an hour for her time with Spitzer. The "high-end" call girls of the Emperor's Club VIP were ranked from 3 diamonds at $1000 an hour up to $3100 for a 7 diamond model, indicating that she was on the lower end of the scale. We can only imagine the qualifications for a 7 diamond model.

Records show that "Kristen" may have simply been trying to make some rent money when she inadvertently bumped into Governor Eliot Spitzer. She is currently living at the Chelsea Landmark (55 West 25th Street), a luxury skyscraper where rents start at $3500 a month. If her now ex-boyfriend hadn't been paying for the rent, she would have needed more than a few Starbucks jobs to cover it! Fortunately, her one night stand with Spitzer netted $4300, more than enough for rent money.

Paris Hilton Wannabe?

Kristen MySpace Profile

The slogan on Ashley's MySpace Music page says it all, "what destroys me, strengthens me." As a formerly unknown artist, Ashley has really turned adversity into opportunity. In just a few days, she has gotten over 2 million MySpace profile views, and her Myspace profile features a song called "What We Want", which has been played over a million times. Now, fans actually seem to care that her favorite artists are Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, and Aerosmith among others. She describes her music and herself:

I am all about my music, and my music is all about me… It flows from what I’ve been through, what I’ve seen and how I feel.

She also writes about her odyssey leaving a broken home at 17, being alone, doing drugs, and deciding on a career in music in New York.

Is this enough drama and publicity to pull a Paris Hilton?

Positive Energy Attracts Positive Energy?

Asheley's first MySpace blog entry on the "Law of Attraction", which has received almost 1000 comments, talks about her views on relationships. She lists four relationship criteria:

*Does that person make you feel good?
*Does that person drive you to be better?
*Is that person right there behind you when things arent that good, or even if they are??
*Will that person be an asset to your life...(will that person have value): doesn’t have to be financial, i am talking respect, courage, and umm RESPECT.

This was posted in August 2007. Did she change her mind and become a call girl?

What's next for "Kristen"?

Now that her main(?) source of income has decisively dried up, Ashley's deciding whether to work in a friend's restaurant or move back in with her family in New Jersey since her boyfriend moved out after she discovered he had two kids.

"Kristen" will also be testifying against the four defendants in the Emperor's Club VIP case.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré Picture Gallery

It's telling that "Kristen" hasn't removed any of her MySpace pictures from her profile. More telling evidence she may be trying to take the Paris Hilton route to stardom.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré in St. Tropez 2007

Ashley Alexandra Dupré in St. Tropez, 2007

Ashley Alexandra Dupré in Sunglasses

Ashley Dupré with sunglasses

Ashley Youmans with 2 Fingers Up

Ashley, Two Fingers Up

Ashley Alexandra Dupré in Las Vegas 2006

Ashley in Las Vegas, 2006

Ashley Youmans Black and White

Ashley's Black and White Glamour Shot

Ashley Shh

Ashley Asks for Silence

Ashley Smiling

Ashley Smiling

Ashley Passed Out

Ashley Passed Out, A Self-Professed Frequent Occurrence

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Reader Comments:

Ashley probably has as much "talent" as the other young "artists" that are making records these days, so why not add her to the mediocrity? The record industry looks for her type, someone they can use for a couple of years (while the tabloid rags exploit her for profit) and then dump for a replacement.

Ashley, use them they way they intend to use YOU!

Talent? For what? Anyway, as of 1000 PDT today, 13 MAR 2008, her myspace page is gone, deleted.

I don't know if I would pay 4500 bucks for it but I would do her!!!

... maybe not $4500, but she went for a mere $1000. Cute swimsuit photo! *logsoff as wife walks in room*

Take it for all it's worth girl. He called you...not the other way around it. Good Luck, make your millions and live!

My space has her page back up. iTunes reports she has made more than a million sales of her song. She won't have to worry about working in a restaurant anytime soon. And she has WAY more talent than Paris Hilton, who has none, zero, zip, nada.....

I would lick that ass right off the toilet seat!!!!!!!


how much for a blowjob?

There's some Ho's in this house....

if he paid for her "escort" services and they had sex, that makes her a prostitue no matter how you look at it. the last time I checked prostitution was illeagal in NYC, so why isn't she in jail? in my eyes, she's an overpaid HO, not worth the money and not worth the time.

He ordered a girl, she simply showed up as was required by her employer. She didn't seek out the govenor. Did she? Who cares how she was earning money. She wasn't a street hooker. It's her business not anyone else's.

it should be legal everywhere not just in vegas

The music business is a tough business.We at Crystal Records in Beverly Hills have many talented people come through our doors because of our "no costs" program for talented people.We did not know Ashley by the Kristen identity but we believe that she was a straight forward hard worker on her music.Even when a company like Jaegerschool.com helps you, you still need to eat and put a roof over your head. We still wish that those who controlled her talent would have let go up on www.natejaeger.com for subsequent exposure as did Dianna Shane.Sometimes just one wrong decision can make the difference between failure and success.Our Friend Ludacris also has his new talent site which we have contributed too.www.WeMix.com "Stiletto".So keep trying kids,you will make it.

Nate Jaeger

You know I am sick of all the hypocrites condemning this girl for what all women are doing. the fact is if you were to start a relationship with any woman today you will have to be coughing up cash to maintain it.Phrases like "no money no Honey" "Aint nothing going on but the rent" subscibes to this view.If she was his "paid Mistress" she would not be viewed so negatively so its really just semantics.I would rather be asked to pay up front than be taken for a ride and end up paying a lot more later.

4000 is a fair price for sure

who could say no to that body, DAAAAMNNNNN

GirlsGoneWild founder Joe Francis has announced the adult version of the party video seen on NYPost and other blogs will be released later on today and can be found on affiliate site ashleydupregonewild.com . (warning mature content) Exclusive photos and additional "adult" videos of Ashley that cannot be found elsewhere on the web and property of GirlsGoneWild will be available for direct download.

what i wouldnt eat out of that ass lol

Let's try and look past the first two pics of ashley. Am I the only one to see that she more resembles a DRAG QUEEN? the more she tries to give that wanna be sexy looks, the more she looks af if she rolled right out of San Franciscos Castro District. Maybe Spitzer could clue us in on if the lower parts that shes selling are Natural or MAN MADE. One word sums this up, NASTY!!! Who the hell would pay that much cash to be with a woman who resembles a man in drag.

Hello Ms D, best regards from Czech Republic, and may innocent Iraqi killers be damned, not independent peole. Howgh


Personally, "Ashley", "Kristen" or whatever name you want to use today... I am not all that impressed. My girlfriend is far hotter than you as are most of her friends. I just don't get what all the hype is over you. Then again, you didn't get busted sleeping with no hot looking stud either.

As far as your music talent goes... well, let me just say Joe Francis might be your only ticket to fame from what I have heard.

Ashley is a beautiful girl, how she conducts her life is her business, she didnt murder anybody, remember HE went to her, not the other way around. I now dream of Ashleys beautiful vagina,Life will go on for her. its like an old saying Anthony from the O & A show said , when you screw up , you screw UP!!!! meaning more success

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