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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ashley Dupre High School Yearbook Pictures

Ashley Dupre's MySpace page isn't the only place to find pictures of Eliot Spitzer's hooker girlfriend.

There are a total of 13 Facebook groups dedicated to the Ashley Dupre phenomenon with some calling for her to go on "American Idol" and some accusing her of being a "house wrecker".

Ashley Dupre Facebook Groups

On the Facebook group "Ashley Alexandra Dupre (Ashley Youmans) was in my Class!", one of Ashley's former classmates, Mike Grossman from Jersey Shore, NJ, has even posted her high school yearbook photos along with the obligatory St. Tropez bikini photo.

Ashley Dupre Yearbook Picture

Ashley's High School Yearbook Photo

Discovering Ashley Dupre

We might also have a lead on how the Emperor's Club VIP discovered and recruited Ashley.

ExploreTalent.com, a modeling and audition site, has a profile of an "Ashley DiPietro", which was Ashley's legal name up to 2006. It describes the 22-year-old as having an athletic body type with brown hair and brown eyes. The only inconsistency is that her height is listed as 5' 3". Except in the FBI wiretap transcript, she's described as a "very pretty brunette" at 5' 5" and 105 pounds. Closer to Spitzer's type?

Is ExploreTalent.com where the Emperor's Club VIP recruited Ashley's "talent"? We know she only changed her name in 2006. Her ExploreTalent.com profile lists her old name so it must have been posted sometime before 2006. Could Ashley have been working for a high-class prostitution agency for over 2 years?

Ashley DiPietro Explore Talent

A shot from talent search site, ExploreTalent.com

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steven kamer at inside edition uses ashley dupre and escort services all the time

You can find all her pictures in her own personal profile on www.AllModelZone.com the link to her profile is:


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