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Monday, January 28, 2008

Supernova Tube: An Uploader-Friendly Video Sharing Site

If you upload a video that violates YouTube's terms of service, it probably won't be long before YouTube stops your broadcast.

Taking the opposite tact, Supernova Tube is a haven for uploaders who want to share videos without fear that will be deleted without warning much like the eponymous Suprnova.org is a sanctuary for all manner of BitTorrent files. Their motto is: "We Don't Delete Your Videos Period."

This anything-goes video sharing site is still starting out, but you can already find many full-length feature films being hosted on its servers. Whether Supernova Tube manages to pull a Pirate Bay is another question.

supernova tube


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Reader Comments:

Supernova Tube is not good and does not suport uploaders!
Theye only support you if your uploading illegal content!
If you upload somthing that is legal and it becaums popular the will terminate it!

Here is a good video sharing website:
Theye will not delete any thing once it is uploaded or embedded into there servers!
Theye made it so the cache casn not even be touched by the moderators or admins!

Ryan Dunn - It seems really coinsidental that the sites you have posted all contain the word 'Dunn' i.e. your last name, and im assuming the d in vd stands for dunn?


settle down, dunndermuffin

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