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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SuprNova.org Resurrected: BitTorrent Megasite Resumes Copyright Infringement


SuprNova.org was shut down in late 2004 after legal threats over facilitating copyright infringement by users. But that unhappy ending to the BitTorrent megasite's story has been rewritten.

The Pirate Bay has revived Suprnova back to its former glory with a similar site design and a plethora of torrents to download. Over 26,000 trackers and one million torrent files are being tracked by the "universal torrent source". A neat feature they've implemented lets you download torrents using your browser (IE or Firefox) courtesy of BitLet, the Java-based BitTorrent client.

Right now, the top torrents include The Colbert Report, Transformers, and a David Letterman interview of Hayden Panettiere (Claire on Heroes).

Looks like Suprnova is back to its old tricks again. Only this time, legal threats aren't likely to be a problem.


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