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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Personalized Podcast Recommendations for iTunes, iPod, and iPhone

scouta agent

Now that you can store 160GB worth of songs on your iPod classic, the next move is obvious: find more stuff to download. Helping you with this important task (it's difficult to 40,000 more songs to fill up your iPod) is Scouta, which now supports Windows in addition to Mac.

Scouta Agent keeps track of what you listen to or watch in iTunes or on your iPod, iPhone, or AppleTV and recommends podcasts and vodcasts that it thinks you might like. Unlike Pandora, Scouta doesn't recommend music. They're trying to reach those high-brow podcast junkies instead.

Once you've installed Scouta Agent, it automatically runs and downloads new podcasts and vodcasts in the background. When you play this new content, Scouta rates it as good automatically if you listen to most of it. You don't even have to click any buttons.


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Reader Comments:

Thanks very much for the mention!

It's an exciting time for us with the release of the two iTunes Agents. It means no one has to continually visit the web site, so takes Scouta in a new direction.


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