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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Download Pirated eBooks at Wattpad

Scribd isn't the only place you can find a treasure trove of copyrighted ebooks. A website dedicated to sharing stories on your mobile phone called Wattpad lets you share and download any kind of text content you want. You don't even need a mobile phone to access it.

There's a very Digg-like feel to the design of Wattpad from the tabs at the top (What's Hot, What's New), the use of the number of reads as a kind of voting mechanism for how popular a story is, and just the general look and feel.

From the tag cloud on Wattpad, it looks like Harry Potter, Stephen Hawking, Life, Self, and Law are some of the hotter topics that Wattpad users are uploading content on. The highlights of the pirated ebooks include copies of Ender's Game, a Dune book, and the entire Harry Potter series. Since these ebooks are meant to be viewed on a mobile phone screen, there isn't much formatting of the text, and they can be hard to read.

As an added bonus, you can even post requests for ebooks you'd like to see uploaded.


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