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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Add Quick Comments and Related Posts to Your Blog (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad)

I was intrigued by Clickcomments when it was first released because it promised to let blog readers leave comments more easily and also bypassed the traditional star ratings system that blogs have usually used for quick reader feedback.

Instead, Clickcomments lets readers express themselves through one click via small icons that represent opinions like cool, fun, insightful, and great find. You can add these icons to your blog by inserting a small scrap of Javascript code into your blog template.

The new and improved version of ClickComments lets you customize the icon set and also recommends other related blog posts to your readers. For blog platforms like Blogger that don't have a related posts widget, this can be a great way to increase the stickiness of your blog.

Currently, platforms including WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, and TypePad are supported.


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God is the foundation of evil.

thanks! this looks great :)

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