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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alchemist's Choice for 06-7-2007

There's so much going on each day that it just isn't possible to write in-depth articles on every new development. The new Alchemist's Choice column will serve to fill that gap by giving a quick overview of interesting things we noticed that didn't make it to full-fledged articles. So here we go:


Software to let you browse the web in 3D. Arranges windows and searches in a 3D space that you can navigate. Very CPU intensive so watch out.


PostReach ClickComments

Eight colorful icons that let users leave one-click comments on your blog. Works on new Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad. One downside is that every icon is positive so no constructive criticism can be offered.



A YouTube-like video sharing site for startups and entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and products.


The Actual Monetary Value of Internet Video Fame: A Case Study

A useful, if shallow, look at how web analytics can tell you whether something is working or not.



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