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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Get Free Tech Support at FixYa

If you've ever needed technical assistance, you know that calling tech support is a notoriously trying process, and even services like Best Buy's Geek Squad that make house calls have been known to cause trouble.

A better solution might be FixYa, which is like a more technically minded Yahoo Answers. You can ask the community questions about gadgets, electronics, and other consumer products and get back quick answers. If you'd rather search for an existing solution, you can either enter a search query or browse for a product by manufacturer.

These self-described experts are rated using an eBay-like system of feedback from other users so you can tell how trustworthy their advice is. For instance, each expert's profile tells you their success rate at answering questions with rating categories like Solved!, Almost There, and Not Helpful.

If you don't mind waiting, you can always ask a question for free, but there is a paid tier of service that guarantees answers from a top expert.

Overall, FixYa fills a pressing need by providing users with a specialized community focused on helping other users solve their technical difficulties.


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