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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sivoo Offers Free Hindi, Spanish, and Chinese Movies and TV Shows

The publicly-traded Sivoo offers what it calls "multicultural on-demand entertainment" in the popular languages of Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi. Dozens of free movies and TV shows can be viewed on its site along with pay-per-view programming. It's hard to speak to the quality of the content, but the selection is broad from comedies to action/adventure.

The press release they sent us indicates that they just signed a deal with the dubiously positioned Jalipo, which charges on a per-minute basis to access professionally produced video content, but the market's reaction was decidedly negative. The pink sheet stock is currently trading at a third of its 52-week high.

TV shows and movies are streamed using the Windows Media Player, which makes for an awkward viewing experience, notwithstanding that programming is interrupted every 15 minutes or so with an ad. On the plus side, it's free entertainment. If they added subtitles or translations to the video, Sivoo might even be able to parlay entertainment into education.

For readers who want to watch video content in languages other than English, Sivoo will likely be a welcome development.


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