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Monday, May 14, 2007

Browse the Web in Widescreen: Configuring Firefox for Widescreen Monitors

If you're using a widescreen monitor to browse the web, your monitor is thin and wide (landscape), but your browser is long and skinny (portrait). To correct this mismatch, Jonathan Weare's Widefox displays your tabs in a vertical sidebar instead of horizontally below your bookmarks.

This configuration makes finding tabs a snap with dozens of tabs stacked vertically for easy perusal. You can place the tab bar on either the right or left side of the browser window. Although it's a little tricky to adjust to the new tab bar configuration, Widefox might just be a keeper.

To try it out yourself, all you need to do is install and configure Tab Mix Plus along with a custom userChrome.css file. Click here for the gory details.

Sample Widefox Screenshot



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