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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How to Search Rapidshare: Find and Download Movies, Software, and Music

Some of you might be thinking: How can I search RapidShare when they don't offer a search box on their site? Unlike many of its file hosting competitors, Rapidshare doesn't let users browse or search through files that have been uploaded onto its servers. It's a decidedly anti-sharing attitude in the Web 2.0 era, but that hasn't kept Rapidshare.com from taking 18th place out of 500 sites worldwide according to Alexa.

Luckily, the lack of a Rapidshare search engine doesn't have to keep you from finding the movies, software, videos, and music that you're looking for. Let's say you want to find Windows Vista wallpapers that are hosted on Rapidshare.

Simply go to Google, and type in "site:rapidshare.com vista wallpapers" without quotes. You'll get back four results that match your search (see below). You can do other searches by replacing "vista wallpapers" with the query of your choice, but remember to preface it with "site:rapidshare.com".You can then copy and paste the URL (circled in red in the screenshot above) into a download manager like RapidLeecher or RapGet to streamline your download.


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Reader Comments:

Can i download from rapidshare for free somehow???

go to shareminer.com and search that way then use rapget to download


Just click on the Free button (the option other than Premium) at the bottom of the Rapidshare page. Then enter the letters you see, and hit Download.

a good tool to search rapidshare and megaupload files is filecrop:

Sometimes you can ues http://mymegalink.net/index.php to download files if your over your limit. Also, make some free easy cash into your paypal account by completing offers and viewing ads. visit http://www.gptwebsites.com to learn how to do that.

avun.com for best result

Another but more powerfull rapidshare search engine : http://rapidlibrary.com

this guys have their own crawler, fast and relevant search results...

Search rapidshare and others like megaupload,... here:

Search rapidshare files... here:www.gappon.com

http://Loadingvault.com will definitely make it easy for you to search rapidshare files instead of using complex Google operators.

Try Rapid Hunter it's the
best engine I've found.

Visit New Rapid Hunter

I just had a look at New Rapid Hunter it really works!


Net Rapid Hunter is Good too.


Net Rapid Hunter

New Rapid Hunter

There are quite some RapidShare search sites online these days, but only few are able to search for more than just RapidShare.
I use http://www.leechaa.com. They also allow you to search in MegaUpload.com, zShare.net, etc. And I can search for torrents as well!

So Leechaa.com it is?

oh man for the good sites like filecrop and loadingvault you gotta install this zango adware...really sux

HTTP://SHARE4VN.COM <-- faster and more than rapidshare

I,ve found another free fileshare's
search service http:\\fileshunt.com that is worthy to visit. Try it to get more
relevant results. Anyway it's up to you.

urls to the latest world news.needfornews.com

RapidRat.com is the best site to search and download rapidshare files it has more than 2mil files and also can get you the related and the other parts for a file


Free rapidshare premium acc.
Expired 30 April 2008
Please download as a free user


P/s: Don't change the password. Other want to used this account too.

http://www.filestube.com is also very good search engine

This comment has been removed by the author.

www.rapidsharedata.com is a new rapidshare search engine,very fast

I have found two interesting sources and would like to give the benefit of my experience to you.
I am tuning my pc by the best software for free, with the file search engine Fileshunt.com and Filesfinds.com May be you have your own experience and could give some useful sites too. Because this two social sites help me much.

i agree that Rapidrat.com is the best share search engine it has a very big database and files indexed and can also get you the related parts for files


Thanks for the post

Search files on Rapidshare, Megaupload, Yousendit, Badongo and other file hosting websites very easy on http://www.SearchFiles.de

And you can download a Browser Plugin as well. It's so easy when you know it...

very useful

http://rapidshare.com/files/126818658/Jenna_haze_xxx.rar and this some pr0n :p

Huh You guys looking for free rapidshare movie downoad? Check this out Rapidshare Download

Huh You guys looking for free rapidshare movie downoad? Check this out Rapidshare Download

or you get yourself a premium account! its pretty simple! just make a few studies, earn money and spend this on a free premium account!!!

just check it out if you want!!



Searching for Megaupload and Rapidshare on search engines could be really hard! Simple as that i am unable to use 'em, But i found a website which allready has fully arranged database od MU and RS Movies as well as TV Series. check it out : RSdon

Hi! Yesterday I found this page Rapidshare download and can successfully conclude that this is the best search engine files RapidShare / badongo/mediaspace/4shared/mediafire. Most of this type of search engines cheating giving false results. This gives us a real search engine links to the files. I recommend it to you, and wish you a successful search!

Give this new site a go:




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You can also use http://rapidlibrary.com to search for your rapidshare files. (more than 6 000 000 indexed files)

free rapidshare movie download search

Hi I want to recommend you very useful download files search http://suche-project.eu You can find there a lot of new movies, games and music. Enjoy it!

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