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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rapidshare Downloader: Leech Files with RapidLeecher 5.1

Rapidshare has spawned an entire ecology of software and services that extend and simplify the original service's features. The one we'll focus on today is RapidLeecher 5.1, which lets you leech files from Rapidshare with ease. Like similar programs, all you have to do is paste a Rapidshare link into the program and hit Get It. Then, enter the Image code (CAPTCHA) and click Download.

One handy feature is the support of proxy servers so you can download multiple files from Rapidshare at the same time. You can check out our earlier post on anonymous browsing for an extensive list of proxy servers.

Remember, you'll need to install the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtimes to use RapidLeecher.

Download RapidLeecher 5.1

RAR Password: http://www.megaleecher.net


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Reader Comments:

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