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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ask X

Ask has launched a prototype search interface called Ask X. While the search homepage isn't much changed, the new three-paned search results page makes it easy to narrow or broaden a search via search suggestions, and overall provides a more efficient searching experience.

Like Google's SearchMash, Ask X is powered by Ajax. However, the results page displays a much fuller array of information on the right pane from other Ask verticals like Images, Reference, News, and Music Blogs (?) as well as a Wikipedia entry. As a time saving tip, if you mouse over one of these results and click on the magnifying glass that appears, you can conduct the relevant search right from your results page. Of course, you can also use Ask's Binoculars feature to preview a search result and save it to your account.
Whether Ask intends Ask X to be an experimental search interface or as the next phase in the evolution of its search engine isn't too clear. The About page does say "Thanks for stumbling upon Ask X, our double-secret sandbox for testing Ask experiences of the future" whatever that means. That said, Ask X does feel more like a replacement than a testing ground based on its look and feel and integration into the Ask domain.


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