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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stikkit Brings Post-it Notes to the Web

I've been tracking the progress of Stikkit, a new organizational tool, after coming across the interesting "values of n" (the creators of Stikkit) blog. Now that it's launched, I like what I see. Stikkit takes sticky notes digital. You can easily jot down events you want to remember, keep track of email addresses, and create to do lists.
The input system is natural language-based. So Stikkit interprets "http://21st.blogspot.com Digital Alchemy" as being a link with Digital Alchemy as the title and adds it to your bookmarks. As another example, entering "John Smith's birthday on 11/08/06, remind me, tag as birthday" will cause Stikkit to create an entry in your calendar, set a reminder, and tag the note with birthday. You can also take Stikkit with you via a handy bookmarklet that fills in details of a site you're browsing and lets you save it to Stikkit.

Although the concept isn't original, Stikkit has a good UI and a familiar looking yellow Post-it note-look that may allow it to gain traction.



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