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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Social Media Creation with Exclaimable

Exclaimable is a little hard to categorize. You can create media ranging from videos to text, and easily share them. For instance, you can record a video if you have a webcam hooked up and easily embed it on your blog or site. The Flash-based interface is very basic with big, colorful buttons.

Even something like the picture creator only has three settings that can be changed: color, tone, and size. That's it. You can't really create anything fancy. Most "masterpieces" will be very crude, but the saving grace is that Exclaimable is a very easy way to create media online.

Uploads aren't allowed; Exclaimable isn't an editor. It's a content creator. You can also see what other people have created in the gallery, and filter creations based on popularity and views.




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