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Friday, November 24, 2006

Not Sure Which Camera to Buy on Black Friday?: Flickr Users Prefer Canon

If you're debating between two or three heavily discounted digital cameras on this Black Friday, Flickr can help you decide which one to pick. Very simply, pick the Canon if it's one of your choices.

Flickr has launched an easy way to visualize the popularity of and shop for digital cameras, which is a topic I covered a couple months before. Not too much has changed except that the stats are now officially determined instead of based on a random sampling of photos uploaded each day.

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT remains the crowd favorite by a large margin. Maybe it's the word "rebel" that makes it so popular, but for some reason it is the undisputed camera of choice for Flickr users. In a move towards greater integration with the larger Yahoo network (maybe spurred on by the recently leaked peanut butter memo?), separate pages have been created for each camera model with thoughtful links to Yahoo Shopping for interested consumers.


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