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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Googlebot Tools for Webmasters

Google has updated their tools for webmasters. You can now see Googlebot activity charts that list the number of pages Googlebot's crawled from your site per day, the number of kilobytes of data Googlebot's downloaded per day, and the average time it took Googlebot to download pages.

Webmasters can also alter the crawl rate at which Googlebot indexes pages on your site. Googlebot's crawl rate is based on how often you update your site, but you can choose a slower rate if your server can't handle the load. Currently, changed settings only last for 90 days.

There's also an option to opt-in to Google Image Labeler so images on your site will be associated with labels to make searching for them easier.

If you aren't using Google's webmaster tools, you should be since getting indexed is key in getting traffic. You can see if there are any problems that Googlebot has in indexing your site's pages and try to fix any broken links or missed pages.


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Right on. I've been using them for a while, but I certainly don't go back looking for new features very often.

Thanks for the heads up... off to go look now!

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