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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chinese Peasant Builds Robot Dog (Video)

Wu Yulu builds robots in his spare time. The Chinese peasant farmer, who lives an hour outside of Beijing, has built creations ranging from a robotic rickshaw to a Sony AIBO-like robot dog without any formal education. He was invited to the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival in Hong Kong based on his fame as an robot inventor.

Starting in 1986, Wu Yulu has continued to experiment and tinker with robots, growing his crop to 26 robots in total. He uses scrap metal and parts to build mechanical robots. His most striking robot is a mechanical human-shaped robot that can pull a rickshaw for six hours and speak with moving red lips. He also built a miniature version for his son. Watch the video to see the rickshaw in action.

Despite his success today, Wu's path was not easy. He once burned down his house while working on a project. His wife complains that other husbands make money, but he only builds robots.

Wu Yulu's Robots Video

Rural Robots by Wu Yulu Video

Hat tip Mutant Palm


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Reader Comments:

A farmer building robots! Its truly inspirational. Now, all my worries are gone. This article made my day!

This story reads like Chinese Communist propaganda like the village steel mills during the Cultural Revolution. Feel free to disagree.

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