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Monday, September 17, 2007

Let Remote Users Access and Control your PC Computer

ShowMyPC is one of the simplest ways to let a remote user securely access and control your desktop. You might need to do this if tech support needs to access your computer or a colleague needs to show you something on your PC.

All it takes is a push of a button to start an online collaboration or desktop sharing session. After you start ShowMyPC, just click "Show My PC to Remote Users" to generate a unique password that other users can use to access your computer.


Then email, phone, or otherwise contact your remote user and give him or her the password. They'll need a copy of ShowMyPC too. For them to access your computer, they'll need to click on "View a Remote PC" and enter the password you gave them. No IP addresses needed.

You can also use your own SSH server if you don't want to use ShowMyPC.com.


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