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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Turn Email into a Videogame with 3D Mailbox

3D Mailbox turns email into a videogame.

Those burdened with a daily influx of hundreds of emails will probably find it hard to believe that email could be fun, but 3D Mailbox tries hard to make it so.

In the Miami Beach themed version, emails are represented by swimsuit-clad people who must pass a bouncer to get into your inbox. After that, they swim around until you read them. There are lots of other amusing tweaks; for instance, junk emails are eaten by sharks.

The top half of your screen shows the Miami Beach themed visualization of your email while the bottom half is just your traditional inbox. It's an email client like Thunderbird and Outlook so you can read and reply to emails in addition to looking at pretty pictures.

3D Mailbox is compatible with all web-based email services like Gmail so if you're bored with Gmail's spartan interface, you can bring some color into the daily email grind.

The free version leaves a watermark on all outgoing emails, but is otherwise fully featured.


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