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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Koonji Guides Help You Get Things Done

Koonji is a site that helps you get things done, offering step-by-step guides to online resources and information. The word "Koonji" means "Cliff Notes" in Hindi, and the tutorials on the site are basically condensed how-to guides. Each step is assigned a number and has a little descriptive text along with recommended links that you can follow to get more information.

Some popular Koonjis include "How to Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality", "Immigrate to Canada", and "How to make Turkish coffee".

If you click on a link in one of the guides, a Koonji toolbar will show up in a frame that follows you from site to site. This lets you navigate to the next step in the guide. I like the idea of breaking each step into its own separate page, but it could get cumbersome for tutorials with many steps.

The basic idea behind Koonji is reminiscent of Squidoo lenses, which are "handbuilt" catalogs of information that center around a particular topic. In addition, like Squidoo, Koonji offers royalties on the tutorials you build.

If you're not a fan of text-based tutorials like Koonji, you can check out video tutorials on sites like SuTree and VideoJug. Video tutorials also tend to be a little more amusing.


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