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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Joost Invites Update

I've just sent out Joost invites to all the Digital Alchemy readers who left their emails in the previous post. You can check the comments to get individual confirmations.

If you don't see a comment from me (Alchemist) with the message "sent", please add a comment below this post with your email address in the "Comment" box. Not the "Send replies to email" box.

I hope some of you who have already gotten Joost invites will help out other Digital Alchemy readers with invites. If you do, please reply with the comment "invite sent".

You can invite other readers by clicking on My Joost, which will bring up an invite form.


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I'm very interested in getting invited to joost. Please help me out. My email is onuzulike2003@yahoo.com

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