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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) for Windows Media Player (WMP) 11

As with my previous posts on bypassing Windows Genuine Advantage, this post is meant for people with legitimate copies of Windows who somehow can't get Microsoft to recognize that they are running a genuine copy.

To install Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 without going through WGA, you can either use a registry hack or overwrite a .dll in the setup package. I'll describe the .dll method since it should be safer.

1.First, you'll want to download WMP 11.

2.Next, extract the WMP 11 setup file using something like WinRAR. Either right-click the setup file once you've installed WinRAR and choose Extract, or select it from WinRAR's user interface.

3. Download LegitLibM.dll.rar. Extract it and rename the file to LegitLibM.dll.

4. Copy and paste LegitLibM.dll into the extracted WMP 11 directory, overwriting the existing file.

5. Run setup_wm.exe and accept when the setup asks for WGA validation. It should go directly to the EULA from there.

[via Honeytech]


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Reader Comments:

For those having problems installing Media Player 11 FINAL due to the silly validation function, here is a full install without the operating validation process (it bypasses).

Download, extract with WinRAR, password is wmp. Just run the setup_wm.exe file and install normally. Tested on WinXP, various configurations and systems, all worked.

Choose one of the dl sites:






I tried one of these registry keys which helps bypass the activation process, and now I can't start my PC up as the computer can't validate my copy of windows! Be careful. I don't know what do do now!

plss... mail me the file LegitLibM.dll.rar

unable to download

My mail Id is pankajkumaraseri@gmail.com

This has to be the easiest/safest way to bypass the WGA:

Step 1: If you somehow have WMP11 installed Uninstall it, it should roll back to your previous version (9 or 10)

Step 2: Goto the Windows Media Player folder (default: %programfiles%\Windows Media Player\)

Step 3: Copy setup_mp.exe (which should be for 9 or 10)

Step 4: Run the old version of WMP and click Help > Check for Updates

Step 5: Allow the WMP11 update to install

Step 6: Reboot when prompted

Step 7: Copy the setup_wm.exe that you made a copy of back to the Windows Media Player folder and run Windows Media Playar as normal.

Step 8: It'll appear as your doing the settings for WMP 9 or 10, but when this is done you'll find that WMP11 runs.

Enjoy :)

-Anonymous Ex-Hacker-

http://www.verzend.be/v/8720225/Player11_fixed.rar.html this works like a charm... thank anonymous

password is WMP

hi there im trying to do the fix listed above but my WMP is telling me that there are no avail updates to my player so it wont DL WMP 11 can anyone help with this?

Anonymous Ex-hacker,

Thank you very much! This is the only method that worked for me, and I didn't even have to restart (which your directions suggested that I do)!

I have a perfectly legitimate copy of Windows XP (paid for!), but I don't want to support Microsoft's WGA program even if I have to go through a lot of trouble.

thanx man. i thought i could never have installed WMP n i never thought it would be that easy for those of you who want to download LegitLibM.dll just type it in google search n u would surely find it. thanx again

Awesome! Id been looking for ages how to install WMP11. The problem with my pc is that i dont have internet with it so i couldn't validate the files. (needed to check online) So thanks again!

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