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Saturday, November 11, 2006

How to Boost the Range of your Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

David Pedersen managed to improve the range of his wireless keyboard/mouse by 400% to 15 meters. His story will be especially useful if you use a wireless Internet connection. He writes:
I bought a really cool wireless media center keyboard with an onboard trackball mouse, so I diden't need to sit at a table with a mouse, mousepad and a keyboard while enjoying my media center. The plan was that i would be able to relax in my sofa while surfing the internet by using this clever unit.

But oh no! On the cardboard box there was written that the range of the keyboard should be up to 5 meters, but it was at best 2 meters. Not long enough to be used as I intended.

Then I noticed something on the cardboard box. On a sticker there was written that the keyboard used the radiofrequency of 2.4 ghz. That's the same as wireless LAN!!!
Improve the range of your wireless keyboard or mouse

[via Make]


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