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Saturday, October 07, 2006

How to Backup Your Email Using Gmail

Backing up your email is very important since disasters can happen. Most people backup POP email accounts by copying their .pst files. That requires work - sorry, I'm lazy. Backing up Yahoo email accounts is impossible. But now you can automatically backup any email account with Gmail. First sign up for a Gmail account.

How to Backup POP email
If you are using POP email, you have all your email stored on a PC and a program such as Microsoft OutLook. To backup your email automatically, just go to Outlook and have it automatically forward all of your messages to Gmail. To do so, create a rule so that each time you receive a message, forward it to Gmail.

1) Go to Tools => Rules and Alerts
2) Click New Rule. Click Start from a blank rule. Click Check messages when them arrive. Next.
3) Check the box through the specified account. Click specified and select your email account. Next.
4) Check the box forward it to people or distribution list. Click on people or distribution list and type in your Gmail address or select the contact with your Gmail address. Click Finish.

How to Backup Yahoo! mail
If you are using Yahoo mail, then all your mail is stored in on the internet. What happens if the Yahoo data center burns down?

1) Login to Yahoo! Mail and click on Options. Click POP Access and Forwarding.
2) Select the dialog button that says Forwarding and enter your username@gmail.com address. Save.

It's that easy! Now your data will be safe and you will always have a backup of your email.


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