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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Aquafy Windows XP's Graphical User Interface: Change the Look of Your Computer

Have you ever wanted to transform your computer's graphical user interface to the more stylish Aqua UI that comes with a Mac? Now you can. FlyakiteOSX transforms the look of Windows XP into that of Mac OS X. It Aquafies the look of Windows, adding the Dashboard to the bottom of the desktop and changing every little aspect of the user interface.

For me, the biggest stumbling block to buying a Mac is the lack of a right-click on the mouse. With Flyakite, you don't have to give up the benefits of Windows when you can change to a more aesthetically pleasing UI.

This is such a neat app, and it's all done by one person.

Note: When you go to the site, just type in whatever name you want to "log in" to the site.

MD5 Hash = 6E7A72F8E092CBDB91E046DB83526891


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