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Monday, September 25, 2006

See No Evil, Hear It: A Game Like No Other

Sonic Invaders is an audio arcade game. You play it by listening to the sounds of your opponents and responding by firing back or turning on your shield. It's a great game for the blind or sight impaired, and for the rest of us it offers an entirely different style of gameplay. Playing Sonic Invaders, I could feel my audiospatial skills getting sharper over time so that I could tell fairly well where the invaders were and respond quickly in turn.

As a tool for sharpening the senses, this game is very useful, but it's also fun because it's so different from every other game out there. It's uniquely challenging by making you rely solely on a sense that you just don't get a chance to really develop if you're sighted. The download is a bit hefty, weighing in at 41MB for a game without graphics, but it's worth it.



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