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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jamie Day Bartender Arrest Photo

Jamie Day is the second bartender to be arrested for bartending nude in past months. The 24-year-old bar worker was charged with misdemeanor lewd entertainment for serving drinks without a shirt on this October. She was employed by the Pub Room in Alton, Illinois.

A patron at the bar complained to police after seeing Jamie Day dressed inappropriately while bartending. This is the not the first time that the Pub Room has received complaints. In 2005, two workers were charged with public indecency:

one of the employees was wearing only a thin, black G-string and black boots; a second employee was working partially clothed in a transparent red, lingerie top, Santa Claus hat, thin G-string underwear, white high-heeled shoes, thigh-high stockings, and her top was open, exposing her breasts.

A month before Jamie Day's arrest, another bartender Janet Brannon was taken into custody for nude bartending at the Cabin Tavern in Delhi, Illinois, indicating the practice isn't uncommon.

Jamie Day Bartender Arrest Photo

Jamie Day
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