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Monday, October 27, 2008

Andrea Feick: Teen with Bono (Photos)

Andrea Feick released scandalous pictures of herself with Bono on a beach in St. Tropez on Facebook. The 19-year-old fashion student shared the photos, which show the 48-year-old rock star and humanitarian partying with two bikini-clad teenagers on the sands, at the infamous Nikki Beach bar, and on a £12 million yacht, with the New York and French networks on Facebook.

Hannah Emerson, a sophomore at Reading University, is the other half of the duo, accompanying her friend, Andrea Feick, who has known Bono since they met in a club on the French Riviera. One photo has Bono holding Andrea's hand dramatically to his chest while as fellow musician, Simon Carmody, places his hand on Hannah's knee. In another, the two barely-dressed girls are seen wrapping their hands around the U2 star.

Despite the intimacy of the photos, however, Andrea Feick maintains their relationship is only as friends: "I think that for somebody who's much older than I am... no thank you."

Bono has maintained a scrupulously clean public image so these photos are particularly damaging. In addition, his relationship with his wife, Ali, of 26 years has been unusually enduring compared to other celebrities so it's surprising that he placed himself into such a compromising position.

Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson with Bono (Photos)

Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson in Bikini on Yacht

Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson in Bikini on Yacht

Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson with Bono

Andrea Feick and Hannah Emerson with Bono

Bono Holding Andrea Feick's Hand

Bono Holding Andrea Feick's Hand

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Reader Comments:

Guess what that's all bullshit,
nothing happened we know the girls, one is stupid and only wants to show herself and the otherone got trapped in st tropez by her friend who obliged her to stay, nothing happpened.
but hey, lest thank the press for an other irrelevant "gossip" or should we say "drama"

PS: for those of you who tend to believe this article, you're just a bunc of pigeons


Bono is TOAST

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seems a bit fishy. celeb just being obliging to a fan and posing for some silly pics? or much much more. hmmmmmmm.

Nothing happened. Bono is gay and too old to get it up. So the only thing could be that he got humped by the other guy, the waiter guy. The 2 glitter girls helped eachother out with lesbian action and vegetables,... maybe! This could be how things might have been that day :) i could be wrong 2 a bit...

P.S.: Bomo didnt give his secret blend of herbs and spices a la cojones to that blond bird... yeaah sure :) he is a red nosed dickhead :) no offense though!

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