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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Marche Taylor Prom Dress Arrest Video

An Arresting Prom Dress

Marche Taylor was arrested for wearing a skimpy dress to her high school prom. The 17-year-old senior at Madison High School in Houston, Texas, wore a revealing gold dress for her prom and was immediately stopped in the lobby of the Sugar Land Marriott hotel where her prom was held. The school official told her she was violating a school dress code.

"She shook her head, she was like, 'You are not getting into this prom,'” Ms. Taylor said. “We were arguing back and forth because I wanted to know why I can't get into my prom.”

Even after offering to provide more cover, Ms. Taylor was denied access. So she demanded her money back.

Eventually, Ms. Taylor said, someone called police. Officers showed up, handcuffed her and escorted her out.

When asked later how she felt about her dress, Marche replied, "I actually like the dress. Everybody else likes my dress."

Marche Taylor Video & Photos


Marche Taylor Prom

Marche Taylor (left) and a friend

Marche Taylor Skimpy Dress

Marche Taylor in Skimpy Dress

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Reader Comments:

The dress that Marche Taylor had on was not terriblly bad!!! Today's society changes so much and it is essential to keep up with today's trend. Some dress that are "fully bodied" are more revealing.


Moss Point, Mississippi

That dress was not to my tastes, but are the students reminded of the dress code in advance of the dance? It is presumptive to think that students (especially those in public schools or schools without uniforms) would know what is and is not permitted. While dresses that cover the flesh can be revealing, having the flesh covered to some degree is in the best interest of both the individual and others who may not be comfortable seeing a child (yes, teens are still children) in such provocative clothing. We should not be surprised by the way children are attired, the way they dance, or otherwise disrespect their bodies. Every image and sound sends the message that unbridled sex is fashionable...even for children

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