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Friday, July 27, 2007

Easily Email Interesting Articles and Webpages to Friends

Typically, to email an interesting webpage, video, or article to a friend, you would need to either fire up your email account or use the email function of the website you're browsing if it has one. This meant you'd have to tediously type out every email address you wanted to forward the article to.

But with Siphs, you can easily email interesting discoveries on the web with one simple browser bookmarklet. Once you sign up, you can start adding the email addresses of your friends to Siphs so it can automatically fill out their information in the future. You can also set up groups for easy bulk mailing.

Then, whenever you come across something interesting, you can use the Siphs bookmarklet to send it to your friends. A window will pop up allowing you to specify who you want to get the message. Siphs also keeps track of past emails you've sent and received.

You might think of Siphs as a more specialized Pownce that deals primarily with links, but without the extra software baggage. The point isn't to share links with the whole world, but your own circle of friends.


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