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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Where to Watch TV and Movies Online, Courtesy of Forbes

A sweeping Forbes article on video piracy by Andy Greenberg has helpfully pointed out several video sharing websites that we have previously overlooked. Among them are Bitme.org and BitmeTV.org. According to Forbes, they are "two of the online piracy world's exclusive gated communities". Access is invitation-only and a strict quota or donation system is in place to ensure community participation. What do you get for your trouble? These two sites let you download feature-length DVD-quality movies in about two hours along with software, ebooks, and documentaries, and art.

We are also introduced to VideoHybrid.com, which features both TV shows and movies in its collection. Site statistics show that 300 is the most popular movie at over 20,000 views with Spider-Man 3 and Blades of Glory not far behind. Dozens of shows, among them 24 and Heroes, are also available.

A more conventional-looking video sharing site like 1Dawg.com is also accused of harboring illicit files. Admittedly, it wasn't very hard to locate episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs among others. However, unlike many of its peers, 1Dawg lets you download the videos to your computer.

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