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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Scrybe in Public Beta (Very Impressive)

Scrybe, a promising online organizer, looks like a revolutionary new offering in the productivity space. It's gotten a lot of buzz recently based only on a short online demo video. If it can deliver on its promises, Scrybe should grow very quickly. The video below goes through the highlights:

I was impressed by how intuitive the UI was in recognizing data types and lists. The auto-formatting was also very neat, transforming random clippings into a fluid "thoughtstream".

The PaperSync option is interesting since all the talk about moving toward a paperless office still hasn't perceptibly reduced the amount of printouts and other clutter that you'll find in almost any office in the world. Recognizing that paper still dominates, Scrybe has wisely offered printing options. From the demo, it looks like you might have to do a little origami to fold the printouts properly.

Scrybe Beta


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