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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Krugle: A Search Engine That Even Google Might Want to Take a Look at

I came across a search engine called Krugle that allows you to search through source code, but that's not what's exciting. The really exciting thing is its user interface. Krugle is very responsive. Just type in a search term, and you'll see results almost instantaneously. If you click on a search result, the new page opens up in a tab within the page itself (like a sub-tab). Very neat especially for those who don't have tabbed browsing.

The thing that makes it a killer feature for me is that it takes the processing load off my computer of opening a new tab in my browser and transfers it onto the site. The lack of a noticeable and annoying delay is the best selling point of this sort of interface. The user interface is truly one of the best I've seen, and a more general search engine like Yahoo or even Google might want to take a look at the UI design. Certainly, there's profit potential since a searcher doesn't jump off the search engine's site when they find what they're looking for. They become a captive audience of sorts who can be fed a steady dose of ads.

While Krugle as a source of inspiration for improved search interfaces is promising, I don't see Krugle-as-a-search-engine having broad appeal, but it looks like some venture money has been put in. Maybe they're betting on open source taking off. If you're not that into coding, Krugle is still very useful if you want to look for an open source application. Just click on the Projects tab and enter the type of app you're looking for. This is very helpful if you want to find an open source app that mimics an app that's closed source and costs money.


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Great discovery! The search engine for source seemed very convienent.

Advance Multi Search Engine

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