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Friday, September 01, 2006

More Google Search Tips

Ready for more Google search tips?

6. If you want to exclude a word or a phrase from a search, place the dash mark (-) directly before the term you want to exclude. For example, searching for Tom Cruise but not Scientology, you might enter "Tom Cruise" -Scientology. Remember, enclosing Tom Cruise in quotes will tell Google to look for the entire phrase.

7. Forget a certain word in a phrase or a quote? Use the asterisk (*) to fill in for the part you forgot. Example: Say you forgot the last part of the phrase: life, liberty, and the pursuit of ??? Enter it as life, liberty, and the pursuit of * for Google to find a phrase matching the first part of your search.

8. Looking for a quick definition: Type in "define" followed by any term and get its definition. Like: define mp3

9. Day trader? Enter the stock symbol of your choice for Google to fetch the latest quote. Like: aapl goog to get Apple's and Google's latest stock quote.

10. Forget your calculator? Use Google. If you want to add 444 and 666, enter 444+666 to get the answer. Need something more complex? Google can also do logarithms. Like: ln2 for the logarithm of 2.


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